Eliminate low-power startup problems for RV A/Cs with the SoftStartRV soft starter

SoftStart Home™

Eliminate low-power startup problems for Home A/Cs with the SoftStart Home soft starter

SoftStart Marine

SoftStart Marine eliminates low-power marine A/C start-up problems for any marine A/C unit regardless of your source of electric power.

SoftStart Concierge

Let us take care of all your RV and home A/C soft start product and installation needs

Premium Soft Start Products to Help People Stay Comfortable and Secure

SoftStartUSA products make it easy for people to stay in air-conditioned comfort
virtually no matter where they are.




Electric Outage

Our range of soft start products works with RV air conditioners, residential central air conditioners and heat pumps to maximize startup efficiency and eliminate startup-related shutdowns when using limited and emergency power supplies.

What is a Soft Starter?

Air Conditioners

Heat Pumps

Compressor-run applicances

Emergency Power Supplies

  • Connects to RV air conditioners, central air conditioners and heat pumps that use a high inductive load at startup.
  • Prevents shutdown or harm to electrical system when starting up A/C or heat pump by reducing the power needed at startup.
  • Helps keep other vital appliances and medical devices running on backup power during emergencies by eliminating A/C or heat pump startup-related shutdowns.
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Why SoftStartUSA?

SoftStartUSA designs and makes products that help people
who rely on limited electrical power sources.

Campground Services


Solar Energy

Battery Backup

World Class Help & Support

Product Spotlight

SoftStartRV™ Starts an RV A/C on Limited Power, or Starts Two A/Cs* on a 30-Amp Hookup

• Includes FREE Complete Installation Kit and Wire Crimpers

* Requires one SoftStartRV per A/C unit

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