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SoftStartUSA products make it easy for people to stay in air-conditioned comfort virtually no matter where they are – in their home, an RV, a boat, a business, and even in a disaster that knocks out main power to an area. Our range of softstart products works with compressor-run appliances, such as air conditioners and heat pumps, to maximize startup efficiency and eliminate startup-related shutdowns when using limited and emergency power supplies.

What is a Soft Starter?

A soft starter is a control module that connects to appliances that require a high inductive load at startup (such as air conditioners and heat pumps). At startup, the A/C or heat pump will try to draw a huge amount of power from the electrical system which can impact other appliances and, in time, harm the air conditioner itself. A soft starter device helps prevent this damage.

A soft starter reduces the power needed by air conditioners and heat pumps at startup. This allows other appliances to continue operating as normal – rather than causing a shutdown due to momentary insufficient power in the electrical system. And the soft starter also protects the compressor’s windings from repeated overheating which can shorten their life and require replacement.

Why SoftStartUSA?

SoftStartUSA designs and makes products that help people who rely on limited electrical power sources – generators, campground service, inverters, solar energy, battery backup and more – to efficiently and safely operate air conditioners along with more appliances than was previously possible. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable products, and supporting them with world-class customer service that convinces our customers that they made the best choice possible with SoftStartUSA products.

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SoftStartRV: Starts an RV A/C on Limited Power, or Two A/Cs* on a 30-Amp Hookup

* Requires one SoftStartRV per A/C unit

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