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SoftStart Home- The Best A/C Soft Starter For Residential Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

The Best-In-Class RV AC Soft Starter Guaranteed. To Work In Every RV AC Model

Jeremiah F.

Maryland Homeowner

I have a 4-ton Amana and as our unit is getting older, it has gotten a lot louder. It’s right outside our kitchen window and next to our patio where we entertain.

We’re so happy to have the SoftStart Home installed because it made our unit instantly quieter. We also have solar and are considering adding batteries, so our unit is now prepared for that as well.”

Bill N.

Giant improvement!

Installation was on a Brisk II.
Before the install, Honda 2000 had difficulty starting the compressor on eco mode.
After installation, the A/C starts and runs with the generator on eco mode. No more stupid thump and trailer shaking when the compressor starts. Installation was super easy, and I have never taken the cover off of my rooftop A/C before.

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40% Smaller Than

Fits easily in every RV and Residential A/C unit. Larger Soft Starters are a tight fit.

FREE 3-Year

Competitors offer 1-year warranty & charge for a 2nd year.

Tech Support.

We video chat with you on your roof. Perfect installs every time.


Anywhere in the contiguous U.S.A. (via UPS) and Canada (via DHL)

Free Returns.
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90-Day Return

Amazon sellers give you 30 days. We give you 90 days. And we pay shipping both ways.

What is a Soft Starter?

SoftStartUSA products make it easy for people to stay in air-conditioned comfort virtually no matter where they are.

Our range of soft start products works with RV air conditioners, residential central air conditioners and heat pumps to maximize startup efficiency and eliminate startup-related shutdowns when using limited and emergency power supplies.

  • Connects to RV air conditioners, central air conditioners and heat pumps that use a high inductive load at startup.

  • Prevents shutdown or harm to electrical system when starting up A/C or heat pump by reducing the power needed at startup.

  • Helps keep other vital appliances and medical devices running on backup power during emergencies by eliminating A/C or heat pump startup-related shutdowns.

SoftStartRV Intro

SoftStarHome Intro

Why SoftStartUSA?

SoftStartUSA designs and makes products that help people
who rely on limited electrical power sources.

Campground Services


Solar Energy

Battery Backup

SoftStartUSA Is Not The Cheapest. Here's Why...

At SoftStartUSA, we invest a great deal of time, money and staff resources to provide you guaranteed results.

We use the highest quality components in our product. This ensures it will work at maximum efficiency in any RV A/C.

We’re the only Soft Start manufacturer whose tech support will spend 30 minutes with you on a video chat – on your RV’s rooftop. Yes, we’ll actually show you exactly where every wire goes, and wait while you test that it works to factory specifications.

Our Best-in-Class approach to product quality and service make SoftStartRV products easier to install and more reliable to deliver years of uninterrupted, worry-free cool comfort.

Our Proud Guarantee to You:
Try it for 90 days. If you don’t absolutely love it, return it for a 100% refund. No re-stocking fee. We’ll even pay the return shipping.

The Competition's
Return / Refund Policy

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Our team of seasoned professionals can help you with Tech Support, Installation Help, Troubleshooting, getting Wiring Diagrams for your specific RV A/C model, filling out Warranty information, or reviewing FAQ’s about our soft start products.

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