How to Start Home Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps with Less Power

SOFTSTART HOME™ Keeps People Comfortable and Safe at Home – Even Using Backup Power or Solar Power

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – For homes that rely on limited electrical power sources – such as solar power or backup generators in emergencies – the new SoftStart Home soft starter provides uninterrupted comfort when used with air conditioners and heat pumps.

SoftStart Home™ high-performance soft starters turn on central A/Cs and heat pumps using up to 70% less power than
normal. When paired with a home solar energy system or backup generator, it helps A/Cs start while freeing up electrical power for other appliances.

Especially for homeowners looking for “off-grid” options such as solar energy, the smoother-starting A/C that results with a SoftStart Home unit eases the strain on battery-stored energy, making it a virtual “must-have” for those considering a home solar energy system.

“With a SoftStart Home unit connected directly to their central A/C or heat pump, homeowners can stay comfortable all the time virtually no matter what their power source is,” said Doug Curtis of SoftStartUSA. “It lets them convert their existing “hard-starting” unit to a more efficient, less noisy “soft-starting” appliance without spending thousands on a new central unit,”  Curtis continued.

Up to 70% Less Power Needed to Start a Central A/C or Heat Pump

Designed for 6-ton/72,000 BTU air conditioners and heat pumps with 115- 230VAC single-phase motors, a SoftStart Home soft starter connects directly to the A/C. It “throttles back” the startup power to only 2-3 times the standard running power, and quiets the loud noise or shudder when the unit starts.<br><br>
As a result, it can reduce overall household peak amperage, extend the life of heat sensitive components, and provide quiet comfort all day and all night.

Achieve Continuous Comfort – Even in Low-Power Conditions

As more homeowners look for alternative sources of electric power – whether to ease their reliance on a power grid or to obtain essential backup power in emergencies – a SoftStart Home soft starter offers even more advantages in limited power applications.

From sources such as 2200- watt and larger generators or solar-energized batteries, a SoftStart Home starter allows homeowners to run air conditioning more effectively by greatly reducing the appliance’s startup power. Especially in emergency situations, this frees up power for other vital appliances such a refrigerators or medical devices – all while keeping the air conditioning system running.

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