Troubleshooting Your SoftStartRV

  1. SoftStartRV has a few features that can help you determine that.

First, the air conditioner compressor will start more gently than before.  Lights will not blink or dim a smaller amount. Use a voltmeter to see a quantifiable difference.
Second, when you turn off the air conditioner compressor at the thermostat control when it is running then immediately turn it on, SoftStartRV will prevent the compressor from starting for 3-5 minutes. (This is to give the Compressor time enough to equalize). If the air conditioner compressor starts before the time limit, this may indicate a wiring problem.

  1. SoftStartRV does not affect the fan at all. If your fan does not run, then often times the error is most probably you connected the wrong white wire to the blue wire. Examine it again and confirm the wire connected to the blue wire is the white wire from the compressor.
  1. Run through these directions again and make sure every connection.
  2. Confirm you turned on all the power that you turned off. Certain thermostats require DC to work as well as AC.
  3. Verify the thermostat set point. If you have a digital thermostat, confirm the temperature must be above the set point for the air conditioning to work. If it’s a slide thermostat, it should be set for full cool.
  4. Is the ambient temperature too cold for the compressor to start? Many RVers share with us that a slide thermostat will not work under 70°F. If so, test the heat mode, if the RV has a heat pump – and it is too warm or cold.
  5. When the compressor tries to start, confirm your line voltage and confirm it is not falling below 108 VAC. Various RVs cut off on low voltage because of surge suppressors.
  1. First, ask yourself some questions.  Did your A/C function prior to this install?  Do you have sufficient power? Some generators boast 2000-watt when they only put out 1800 to 1900-watt.  Did you double-check the wiring you created from the SoftStartRV, especially the 3-way or – in some cases – the 4-way splice?  Did you blow a fuse? Don’t laugh – it happens to the pros too. Replace it.  Did you attempt to re-start the A/C within 3 minutes of the last start? The unit has a built-in 3-minute delay timer, allowing the compressor to equalize. Go to Q&A #5 and test the SoftStartRV. Follow the steps given to determine the possible issues. Pay attention to #8 item 5. What are the LED’s indicating to you? After that, contact us via email: or and try to detail the steps you took for the wiring you created and for the possible fix you did. Then email them to us so we can get up to speed with your situation as soon as possible and help you with a solution.  Be sure to indicate the make and model of your A/C.
  1. Confirm all the loads are turned off in your RV. A 15K BTU air conditioner will use about 1800-1900 watts to run causing no additional capacity for any other loads on a 2000-watt generator.

Confirm and check generator Google reviews, before you buy a generator. Not all generators can start an RV air conditioner.

  1. Review all FAQs, test your generator output and confirm the RV load. The generator FAQ troubleshooting information and questions are on the website.

SoftStartRV RV A/C SoftStarter

Testing The Functioning Of The SoftStartRV Unit

  1. Input 110v at the Red/Black wires, and ensure that the Yellow wire, the Brown wire and the Blue wire from the product are not short-circuited.
  1. Observe three indicator lamps LED1(the left one, red-green double-color lamp), LED2 (the middle one, red lamp), LED3 (the right one, red lamp). When the power is turned on, LED3 first lights up for about 0.5 second.
  1. Then LED1lights up green, LED2 lights up red at the same time, if the SoftStartRV output is not connected to the compressor, LED2 will extinguish and LED1 will light up red after 1 second.
  1. If the SoftStartRV output is connected to the compressor, LED2will extinguish in the range of 0.2 to 1.5 seconds, and only LED1 is on green.
  1. If the compressor is abnormal (eg. locked-rotor state) and cannot start normally, the SoftStartRV will enter the protection state. At this time, LED1lights up green and LED2 lights up red, LED2 will maintain red for 3 minutes, then the SoftStartRV will restart the compressor. If the second start fails again, LED2 will extinguish and LED1 will maintain red all the time, until the compressor is manually powered off.
  1. With the SoftStartRV in a non-electrified state, use a multi-meter to detect the following:
    No continuity between:
    the Red and Brown wires,
    the Yellow and Black wires,
    the Red and Black wires.
    There should be 100% continuity between the Blue and Black wires.
    These results mean the SoftStartRV is functioning normally.

Got a problem and need live support?  We are here to help.


First, take pictures of the wiring diagram of your A/C usually found near the unit, once the cover is removed. Second, take pictures of top of the compressor and the top of the run cap, both showing the wiring. 


Send them via our support ticket system here. 


We will try to get back to you within 1 to 3 days, it depends on our support volume and how many other customers are waiting…   


It is more efficient and easier for us to get answers to you quickly, if you send your wiring diagram and wiring pictures to us first via the support ticket system, and then allow us to respond.  


Click here for the SoftStartRV Support ticket system.

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